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Quality Policy

The Quality Policy is appropriate to the purpose and context of the Company and supports its strategic direction. It provides the framework for setting quality objectives, satisfying applicable requirements and supports Justice Bearing’s commitment for continual improvement of the QMS.

At Justice Bearing:

  • We are dedicated to the principle of total quality in every product and service. We focus on continuous improvement in every activity.
  • Our approach is to develop and administer processes that prevent procedure deviations, stressing defect prevention.
  • We are committed to servicing our customers with respect and enthusiasm and to delivering quality products that consistently meet their requirements on time.
  • To achieve the above objective and satisfy the customer’s expectations, the Company is committed to implementing and continuously improving its Quality Management System.

The Company is proud of its good reputation for responsible practices and dedicated customer care, which are a result of Justice’s ethical culture, skilled committed staff, and quality control over its products and services.

It is the Company’s policy to seek to operate to these standards interminably.

Shawn H. Barnett Sabatino/CEO
John E. Miller, III/President


December 28, 2022 QMP-201

Quality Management Documents

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Products supplied by Justice Bearing, LLC do not contain Substances of Very High Concern (SVHC), in excess of the concentrations (concentration limits of less than -.1% weight by weight) permitted by the Directive REACH 205.